Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I download the SleepTracker Analytics software?
To download the SleepTracker Analytics software for either Mac or PC Click here.

What if I can't get the software to install on my computer?
If you are having problems with software downloading and installing to your computer, please contact customer support by Click here.

Why does the software say "Could not find watch"?
If you are receiving the "Device not found" message, be sure that your SleepTracker is connected correctly to your computer. Sometimes the 3 pins in the clamp may not be connected tightly enough and may require adjusting the pins to fit more snug. If the SleepTracker is connected and you continue to get the same error it could be a driver issue and contacting our technical support team will be the best option. To contact technical support Click here.

How is my sleep score calculated?
There are a number of factors that determine how your sleep score is calculated. Factors such as total time asleep, quality of sleep, interruptions during sleep, etc all effect the outcome of the score.

What is an interrupted sleep moment?
Interrupted Sleep Moments (ISM) are moments during that night that cause an interruption in your sleep. The SleepTracker continuously monitors your sleep and can detect even the smallest interruptions in your sleep patterns. Things such as a dog barking, waking to go to the bathroom, spouse waking you, baby crying, loud neighbors, etc can all play a factor in creating an ISM. Many ISM occur during the night without you even knowing as they may disturb your sleep without fully waking you up.

Can I add notes to a particular day?
Yes, if you have specific details about that night that you would like to record you can click the "Notes" link under the graph and enter any extra information that you would like to log about that night.

How do I delete a night of data?
If you have a night that you would like to delete, simply click the "Delete" link under the graph. Note that this will permanently remove that night's data.

Is there a faster way to toggle through my nights?
Yes, if you click on the actual day, a calendar will pop up. Days that contain data will be outlined with a yellow border. From there you can simply click on which day you would like to view.

What is the difference between "Set Alarm Time" and "Actual Wake Time"?
The Set Alarm Time is the time you set the alarm to go off in the morning while the Actual Wake Time is the time that the alarm actually woke you up during the window that you set. The total time slept is calculated from the Actual Wake Time.

How can I print my graph?
Internet Explorer: On the webpage you would like to print, right click and select Print Preview.  This will show a screen of how the page will look when it's printed out.  At the top of this page in the toolbar there is an icon that looks like a gear, click this.  This will pull up a small print settings window, and under Paper Options, check the box Print Background Colors and Images, and hit okay.  The preview will then change to show the full graph to be printed.

FireFox: On the webpage you would like to print, click on the FireFox drop down (orange button in top left) and then select Print->Print Preview.  This will show a screen of how the page will look when it's printed out.  Click on the button "Page Setup" and then check the box Print Background (colors & images) under Options, and then click Okay.

Safari: On the webpage you would like to print, goto File->Print.  This will pull up the Print Preview window.  On the bottom right, check the box Print backgrounds.